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Powerful Social Media Analytics

Stay in the loop and on the pulse with social media analytics for your profiles. To grow your community and ensure your moving the right direction - gain insight and measure your performance with Uplift analytics today.

Growth Metrics Delivered

Measure daily stats and grow your social community, focus on creating social marketing culture that captivates your growing audience. See which posts are getting highest engagements.

Engagements Analytics

View your posting history for the last 7 day period. Categorised by each social network for granular control. Access insightful daily stats about your social engagements (likes, shares, retweets, favourites & more)

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The Uplift Social suite comes complete with analytical breakdowns by social network

Rich Facebook Insights

Seamlessly publish across multiple networks with confidence. Schedule, queue and post content to profiles. Use link shortening to track and analyse engagements by geographic location.

Robust Twitter Metrics

Analyse and measure your social media growth and performance. Gain powerful insights for Facebook and Twitter. View daily profile stats for new engagements and audience growth.

Analyse Who's Clicking Your Links

We aggregate click data so you don't have to. Our full integration allows you to measure the results without having to switch platforms, we have made everything accessible from a single hub.

Google Analytics Integration (Coming Soon)

Understand your social audience and measure website traffic from social media. Create custom campaigns and conversion tracking by connecting your Bitly and Google Analytics accounts.

UPLIFT PRO TIP: Compare your growth and engagement statistics across multiple social profiles to gauge your top performers. Also, establish a growth rate benchmark percentage for your company.